so as the week starts, a new shoe gets released. Another shoe you might say! nope not the same old jordan. Not the same old model either with new acronyms at the end. skate shoes are getting more popular. not in the sense that people wear them to use for skating but in the way they use them as a fashion item. I suppose its time for skater fashion to return. The beanie is back. The time for skate fashion is too return. Maybe its classed as street wear but its still skate fashion. The hardcore skaters will look down on the new kids. The ones that hang around in the skate shops but then a 15 year old boy comes in. With immaculate skate shoes. Skate brand tee and a skate brand hoodie. Rocking a snap back or 5 pannel. while they sit there with scuffed knees. dirty nails. living the skate lifestyle instead of trying to just look like the skate lifestyle. i guess this is the same as the old sneaker heads looking down on the new kids who can only get general release. but then again who can afford the original jordans… and if they can, they are un wearable because the sole will either fall off or disintigrate. i suppose when i fall in love with a shoe i look at it constantly. imagining what outfit it would look good with them. then the day comes and you go to wear the shoe. the idea of it being dirty or getting wrecked puts you off and it just sits there. THEN… one day you get the courage. you get it dirty. i personally think that a bit of dirt makes a shoe look better.

Now back to these digi camo janoskis. they are cheap as trainers go. £65! is good for a shoe these days. Skate shoes mean that they will take alot of damage and hold together. THEY ARE SKATE SHOES, but they are more fashion orientated. Maybe nike sore the release of the VANS X SUPREME and decided to release something alone those lines. If you didnt know then youd think that they were from the same time capsule.

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